Usually, the place where I live at any given moment, with its daily routines, dicatets the choice of my subject matter. As a rule, I am interested in the objects of everyday life, which appear to be surprisingly uniform wherever you go. In my work, they unite collective and personal experience. I never recycle real objects in a manner of an assemblage, but rather present my own associative, monumentalized interpretation of their form. My choice of medium and mode of craftsmanship both suggest underlying narrative context, but also provide monumental quality of architecture to my works. My objects are reduced to a gallery format, but I see them as large-scale urban sculptures evocative of common human activities.




DJORDJE ARALICA was born in 1963 in Otočac, Croatia. He graduated sculpture from the University Of Fine Arts, Belgrade, and is a member of ULUS (National Association of Artists) and ULUPUDS (National Association of Applied Artists and Designers). Aralica resided in US and in several Mediterranean countries. He presented his work on group and solo shows in Serbia, Montenegro, F.Y.R. of Macedonia, U.S.A., and Israel. His sculptures are in the collections in U.S, Australia, Serbia, Montenegro, and F.Y.R of Macedonia. Aralica's works in various media: terracotta, metal, and stone. His artistic interest is the realm of inter-relationship between the sculptural form, medium, and space, as well as in the often contradiction between the art of sculpture and the ephemeral context of the modern world.




2018                       3D, Modern Gallery Lazarevac, Lazarevac

2018                       Chain Loop, Gallery 73, Beograd

2017                       Chain Effect, SULUJ Gallery, Beograd

2017                       Skulptur-O-rama, Gallery of the Cultural Center, Šabac

2017                       No Comment, National Museum Smederevska Palanka, Gallery of Modern Art,                                                                 Smederevska Palanka

2017                       DNK, Gallery of Contemporary Visual Arts, Salon 77, Niš

2016                       #djordje_aralica, The House of King Peter I, Belgrade

2016                       WaterAirTime, Art Gallery 'Stara Kapetanija', Zemun

2016                       Five Years Straight, Palace of Culture Čačak, Art Salon, Čačak

2015                       Metal BRUT, Galllery of Contemporary Art, Pančevo

2015                       MIND YOUR HAT, ULUS Gallery, Belgrade

2014                       HANDMADE, Cultural Center of Novi Sad, Novi Sad

2014                       The Weight of Chains, Ilija M. Kolarac Gallery, Belgrade

2013                       December Selection, Center for Study in Cultural Development, Belgrade

2013                       Wheels and Suitcases, MMC Gallery, Novi Pazar

2013                       Ad Libris, Gallery ‘Beograd’, Belgrade

2012                       Cityscapes, BLOCK, Blok Gallery, Novi Beograd

2010                       City Luggage, ULUS Gallery, Belgrade

2009                       TEXAS–Keyholes, Forster Art Complex, Sherman TX, USA

2006                       SpaceFormJERUSALEM,  Kenyon Institute, Jerusalem, Israel

1999                       Venus, All Gallery, Podgorica, Montenegro 

1998                       Bad Girls, Gallery 12+, Belgrade 





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